Why WordPress?

Why has this website moved from static to WordPress?

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I’ve done, because it’s simple. Originally when I created the homepage, I was look for something basic and just show some text and pictures and nothing else. But as more and more things needed to be done, is just not possible unless hiring someone.

I’ve always felt in love with WordPress just the way it works and evolves over time. It’s simple and it’s fast and means easier to manage the website as I don’t have to hardcode anything. I can also invite other people to work on it as well.

In terms of integrating things such as gallery, ecommerce and so on requires extra work on the static side and WordPress already had all those features built-in or via 3rd party plugins. Also the theme side of things are very customizable as well via CSS and PHP.

Comments are another thing I wanted this site to have if I ever went blogging and so on.