Yakuza Game Tracker

Since I love playing Yakuza games, I’ve decided to build a simple Yakuza Game Tracker.

What it meant to do?

This simple tracker meant to track all Yakuza games I played including both Judgement and Lost Judgment and any future spin-off titles I end up playing and sort them by the amount of minute I played them. Think of it as Last.FM for Yakuza games.

What needed to be done?

As of right now, the data are pull manually as of 3rd of Feb and will not be updated until someone or me implements Steam API. Game total minute (as in array) is not pulled from database yet.

Sorting is broken, again from manual data entry. Result are not quite as Last.FM (sorting) yet. Now is working, but buggy. I also manage to get the percentage bar working.

I might also style the page as well, since I’ve got something planned. Don’t expect to be mobile friendly or extraordinarily design.

Array for each game in minutes is slightly different than what’s in database. The database version has extra 0 at the beginning to match the length of the highest value length.

Again, if anyone are interested on helping out this little side project. I would happy to provide you with a mock up codebase.

Are there any other games planned?

Not sure. I don’t want to turn this into Exophase, because this is not it. Originally created exclusively for Yakuza games. Once the Yakuza tracker got sorted, I might do a Fighting Game edition where I gather all the fighting games I’ve played and rank them.

Since I play little to no sporting games, I won’t be doing a Sporting Game edition. As for FPS, there are just to many games, unless I sort them by series (bit like Yakuza). I might* do a Resident Evil editon too.