What is Mastodon? Never Used It and Never Will

With recent Twitter fiasco, many has flocked to Mastodon. But the question I have is: What is Mastodon? As the title suggests, I never used it and never will.

It seems like this Mastodon thing si the metaverse of social network where users can create their own Twitter if you will, think of it as self-hosted Twitter. But the problem is you will need to join existing space or host your own if you have some experience.

Malwarebytes actually did some research on Mastodon, it seems that usernames are not unique, no verification system like Twitter (pre Elon Musk Twitter), unable to delete account, lack of own control and so on. No verification system makes everyone to abuse the system and present to be real accounts.

Mastodon looks like a joke to me at this point. Just because there is a bandwagon, doesn’t mean you have to hop in it. In the end, I don’t need affirmation for how I feel about Mastodon. I just feel like at this point something “big” happens like this, people will try to convince you to sign up to dozens of other accounts that I don’t need them to have my information and most likely to fail.

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